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Five Mistakes In Turkey Making Turkey

This year, will you be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner with your sarma recept kulinarika family? While it is fun to plan the menu and prepare delicious sides for the holiday it can be stressful to cook a whole turkey for your loved ones. We spoke with Jasmine Shea (Nutrition Consultant for Bubs Naturals, founder of Your Dinner Is Planned) to learn about common mistakes people make when cooking. There are plenty of tricks and tips for making this year’s turkey one of the most delicious.

These turkey mistakes are easy to avoid in the event that you’re hosting Thanksgiving.

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1. Be careful not to make a mistake. Don’t ever wash your turkey before cooking it

It is believed that washing the raw turkey is a way to kill any bacteria which could cause food poisoning. The bacteria can spread to the kitchen area if you wash the turkey. When handling turkeys everyone should clean their hands at least 20 times. To get rid of bacteria from turkey, cook it at the appropriate internal temperature.

2. Don’t make a mistake: Thaw the turkey on the counter

Don’t allow your turkey to melt in the refrigerator. This will ensure its safety. Your guests and you can be ill if bacteria can grow in a warm environment.

3. Do not make the error of thawing your turkey in water

If you decide to defrost the turkey in a bowl with water instead of the refrigerator, be sure that you change the water each 30 minutes. This is recommended by CDC to ensure safe temperatures and to stop dangerous bacteria from forming.

4. Don’t leave the turkey for longer than two hours!

This is one of the biggest turkey mistakes you must be aware of this holiday season. The CDC will announce that you have crossed the safety line within two hours. It’s safer to purchase an alternative turkey if your turkey is sitting at the store or inside your car for more than 2 hours.

5. Don’t make a mistake.

It is vital to ensure that your Thanksgiving dinner plans coincide with the date you purchased fresh turkeys from your local butcher, meat store, or grocery store. If the turkey you bought was fresh, you will need to cook it right away. As per the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, the maximum amount of time that you can allow fresh turkeys to cool in the refrigerator is 2 to 3 days.